Notes for Introduction to World Religions
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   REL 101-01 - Introduction to World Religions (I2WRel)

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HO - Group A (to be read by 08-24-23)

  • Essence of science


    Fun Homework assignments for the ItWR course: (Nov.)
    · A day in the life of an ancient Egyptian
    · A day in the life of an ancient Celtic Druid
    · Who were the Vestal Virgins and what was their job?
    · Elmer Gantry - Welcome to the House of God!
    · Dungeons & Dragons: Satanic Panic
    · McMartin Preschool: Anatomy of a Panic [Satan's back]
    · The myth of Hercules: 12 labors in 8-bits
    · The myth of Thor's journey to the land of giants
    · The myth of Jason and the Argonauts
    · V for Vendetta (2005) - Trailer
    · How Judaism and Christianity differ on the Original Sin
    · What is Rosh Hashanah? The Jewish New Year
    · What is kosher sex? by Rabbi Shmuley
    · Jewish Ritual: The secret to community?
    · Jewish mourning rituals: An overview
    · History of Jewish movements: Reform, Conservative and Orthodox
    · What is the Holocaust?
    · The Holocaust, genocides, and mass murder of WWII
    · Conspiracy - A film in three minutes


    Fun Homework assignments for the ItWR course: (Oct.)
    · Trailer - Burn notice (2007) - season 1
    · Trailer - Deadwood (2004) - season 1
    · Trailer - Revolver (2005)
    · Trailer - Rome (2005) - season 1
    · Trailer - The handmaids tale (2017) - season 1
    · The conspiracy chart
    · Think before sharing
    · Eastern philosophy - The Buddha
    · What is a HIMARS?
    · Why the cops won't help you when you're getting stabbed
    · Origins of Halloween - EWTN Vaticano
    · Halloween - Bet You Didn't Know
    · Halloween - A $10 billion industry
    · All Saints' Day - EWTN News Nightly
    · All Souls' Day


    Fun Homework assignments for the ItWR course: (Sept.)
    · Geography of Africa
    · Dr. Brene Brown on empathy vs sympathy
    · The correspondence theory of truth by Dr. Bonevac
    · What is Zeno's dichotomy paradox?
    · Native American proverbs
    · Patriotism vs Nationalism
    · Turtle island creation story
    · Who is John Locke?


    Fun Homework assignments for the ItWR course: (Aug.)
    · Animated map shows how religion spread around the world
    · The church for people who are 'Spiritual, but not religious'
    · Time: The history & future of everything
    · A new history for humanity - The human era
    · What happens to your brain when you mindlessly scroll?
    · If divorce was honest
    · Bonhoeffer‘s theory of stupidity
    · If student loans were honest
    · Why people believe weird things by Michael Shermer
    · Why incompetent people think they're amazing
    · How to play 7 Wonders in 5 minutes
    · VFX artists debunk UFOs (a.k.a., 'UAPs')