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I would like to welcome you to this on-line study aid for the sociology courses I teach. Like all sociologists, we specialize and I am no different. Unlike many of my fellow sociologists, I specialized in sociological theory, the sociology of religion, and comparative religion, with a particular emphasis on the works of the world-renowned psychoanalyst and sociologist Dr. Erich Fromm.

The main purpose of this website is two fold. First, to allow my students to get to know me better. If you click the 'Contact Info' link above, you can examine my curriculum vitae (Latin for course of one's life), read a short essay about my teaching style, check out the games my family likes to play, or my latest project. I believe, if a student has a better understanding of who their professor is and his or her educational background, they are more likely to contribute to the discussion in class. Discussions which lend themselves to discourse allow students to understand how 'society' informs their behavior and how we as individuals help shape, change, and transmit 'society.' The second purpose of this website is to create a low-tech avenue to disseminate my hand-outs, study guides, URLs, and other digital classroom materials. By avoiding the 'visiual noise' of the Net, we can better focus on the task at hand, the student's education.

   Dr. Jensen